Glactone Pharma to present data on anti-androgen resistant prostate cancer cells at AACR


American Association for Cancer Research:

Glactone Pharma to present data on the effect of new compound on anti-androgen resistant prostate cancer cells

Glactone Pharma will be presenting new exciting data at the annual meeting for AACR (American Association for Cancer Research) that demonstrate that the STAT3 inhibitor GPA500 suppresses the growth of prostate cancer cells resistant to second-generation anti-androgens. With GPA500 as a lead, Glactone Pharma has developed novel proprietary STAT3 inhibitors with improved drug like properties.

The scientific presentation “New derivative of galiellalactone inhibits the STAT3 activity and suppresses ENZ-resistant Prostate Cancer in vitro” (abstract number 728) will be presented on Sunday, April 19.

The data are the result of an ongoing collaboration between Glactone Pharma and the group of Professor Amina Zoubeidi at the world-renowned Vancouver Prostate Center in Canada. The study provides pre-clinical proof that targeting the STAT3 pathway using the small molecule inhibitor GPA500 reduces cell proliferation and androgen receptor (AR) activity of anti-androgen resistant cells and that targeting STAT3 may provide an effective method to treat patients who are resistant to the novel anti-androgen therapies.

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